I love food.  And drink.  And I’m lucky enough to live in London, where I have a vast wealth of restaurants and cuisines to try.  However, while I was very good at reading about restaurants and talking about going to restaurants, I wasn’t quite as good at actually getting to them.  So I decided to make a concerted effort to get out there and see for myself what the fuss is all about.  In fact, I’m determined to do so.

Here’s what this blog is about:

  • I’m determined to stop spending time on my sofa with a ready meal and, instead, spend time discovering London’s amazing food and drink scene.
  • I’m determined to support local and independent businesses, and to do whatever I can to promote London’s incredible, unique character. You might occasionally see me ranting on Twitter about this…
  • I’m determined to keep exploring, whether that’s in London, the UK or even further afield. I want to learn about different cultures, try new cuisines and document the big wide world through photography and the written word.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with some fantastic brands and businesses, including:

  • The Portman Estate
  • The Collective Dairy
  • Mercato Metropolitano
  • Pascual Toso wines
  • Chi Kitchen and Masterchef winner, Ping Coombes
  • The Syrian Supper Club
  • St Giles Hotels
  • Yelp
  • Tequilafest
  • Bordelaise
  • The Bull and Gate/Boulogne Bar
  • The Jackdaw and Star

You can expect to see all manner of news, reviews and dining experiments on the pages of this website.  And if you want to recommend a restaurant or local food/drink business then just drop me a line.

Would you like to contribute to The Determined Diner?  I’m looking for guest bloggers, particularly people who have tried something interesting or outrageous while travelling.  If you’re interested then please contact me on seren79@hotmail.co.uk.

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